DIY: wicker basket

I happened to find a trial class of wicker crafting at my favorite cafe last month.

I called my friend and we decided to join the class, hoping to make
our own cute baskets like the "ebagos bags" we love so much!
Making a wicker bag looked like it would be as simple and easy as
weaving, BUT the hard thing was to find the right type of branch. Our
instructor had soaked a bunch for a couple of days for us, in order to
soften the branches for the weaving process. The right branch has to
be hard and thick for the warp part and soft for the weft in order to
weave easily...

Anyhow the instructor gave us a ton of help and, thanks to her
patience and kind instruction, we finally were able to make a decent
looking basket:)
Our goal is to assemble them with fabric bags so that we can enjoy
several styles throughout the season.