Handmade Flea Market in Tokyo - リンネル主催クローバー文化祭 -

Last Sunday, Daiske and his family went to a flea market called "Clover Bunkasai" at Hotel Claska in Meguro, Tokyo. The market was taken place for the first time last year and it was very successful.
So this time it featured some workshops organized by food writers, and fashion stylists sponsored by a fashion magazine "Liniere".

As you see in the pictures, the place was heavily packed by handmade lovers and there was a long line at the entrance.
frumafar. also joined the flea market and introduced clutches made out of our original fabrics with the big support of Dante, a Japanese handmade website shop.

Daiske told me that he didn't expect that many enthusiastic girls there, and was surprised by the rising popularity of handmade items in Tokyo:)


at the entrance
packed inside...

frumafar.'s clutches

at the exit.. still long line