Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coffee time

We visited a cafe, Yui plus 1,  which renovated the old  traditional Japanese house and decorated the tatami room with the antique furniture and the modern wallpaper.

 Lemon yellow and white stripe wallpaper is made of washi paper

 Next to the cafe space, there is a child room for a baby.  It's very tranquil.

The kitchen and the tatami room is separated with the glass doors with the wood carving decoration.

The cafe is in an old town which has many traditional buildings including a warehouse called "kura "

This warehouse is renovated and used as an art gallery now.

2288 Higashiichicho
Hitachiota, Ibaraki
313-0051 Japan 


  1. This looks beautiful! What a lovely little cafe. The wallpaper is so charming, and that warehouse!! I bet it makes a great venue for art exhibitions.

  2. Thank you,threadbear.
    The warehouse wasn't opened that day, so I'm looking forward to visiting the town anytime soon again!

  3. hmmm interesting..
    so you live in hitachiota?

  4. I live in Mito city currently:)