Ideas for Christmas ornaments from Japan

A couple of months ago, I visited a cafe called Yui+1 and found a warehouse in the town. Today I had a chance to enter the warehouse called Kura. There I saw beautiful handmade ornaments hung in the attic. They are all made by the warehouse owner's mother for a traditional girl's festival in March. I thought the hung ornaments could be arranged for Christmas ornaments as well.

"tsurushibina" ornaments are made of fabrics
Most of the little figures are made of Chirimen, a type of Japanese fabric it means "gathered cotton" and some of the flowers and balls have been made of Kimono fabrics. Other ornaments are made of Swedish fabrics.  It must be fun to make them with different types of fabrics from different countries!

All the little figures are attached to paper umbrellas that are covered by more kimono cloth and the finished display is supposed to be hung out on March 3rd.

Here is the entrance of the warehouse.  It's built next to a shop called "Sunny Sunday" which sells various kinds of novelty goods including  Japanese washi masking tape and Swedish textiles.

Inside of the warehouse is decorated with nostalgic antique furniture. It's currently used for a rental space for the art exhibition, concert space and craft market.

* All photos are taken with my cellphone. I really wish I had my Nikon this time.
Sorry for the photo quality

Sunny Sunday & Kura
2295-2 Higashiichicho,
Hitachiota-shi, Ibaraki