Miharu 三春

I had a chance to visit a cafe at a restaurant located by the sea in Hitachi, Ibaraki. The restaurant has been opened for 70 years as a traditional Japanese restaurant and now they serve " Sunday cafe" once a month in a room with a view of the sea on the second floor in the restaurant. I really liked the delicate taste of the cake served by O'keeffe and the restaurant's interior decoration which beautifully mixed Japanese antique furniture and modern Décor.

茨城県日立市にある料亭「三春」のイベント、Sunday Cafeに行ってきました。
月に一度 、料亭2階部分カフェスペースとなり海を見ながらO'keeffeケーキが楽しめます。歴史ある料亭のたたずまいと自然に囲まれ素敵な場所でのカフェタイムとなりました。


dining room

maze like hallways

cafe space on the 2nd floor

O'keeffe cakes

月は9日(日)にSunday Cafeオープンとのことです

Miharu 三春
2-8-14 Asahicho, Hitachi, Ibaraki
Phone: 0294-22-1567