DIY upholstered stools

Upholstered stools with frumafar. fabrics

<Fabrics> clockwise
Top Left -- Green House-- Linen Cotton Canvas
Center -- PomPom Bouquet-- Linen Cotton Canvas
Top Right-- Garden Party Bouquet -- Kona Cotton

Bottom Right -- Royal Ginkgo -- Linen Cotton Canvas
Center -- Flower Camouflage -- Linen Cotton Canvas
Bottom Left -- Saboten -- Linen Cotton Canvas

The stools are perfect for using as corner tables to put my plants, eyeglasses and books.

Front -- Green House --  Linen Cotton Canvas
Center --Saboten -- Linen Cotton Canvas
Back-- Royal Ginkgo --Linen Cotton Canvas

↓↓ Here is an easy way to upholster a stool ↓↓

< STEP 1>
To get started, get IKEA stools. I chose FROSTA.

 <STEP 2>
Cut the fabric along the circle seat

<STEP 3>
Staple the fabric at the back of the seat with a staple gun.

like this

< Step 4>
Assemble legs and seat. use washi masking tape to hold the edge of the fabric



all images @ frumafar.