We joined Tsunami Relief Volunteer Tour

Daiske and I visited Shichigahama, Miyagi, Japan on the weekend, volunteering
for one day. We left Yokohama at midnight and took a highway bus for 6 hours
to get there.

On the way to Shichigahama, we stopped by Matsushima.

The city is famous for its bay, which is dotted by many pine clad islets and
has been ranked one of Japan's three most scenic views.

Matsushima was hit by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11. Damage was not
as devastating as elsewhere along the coast. Shops and hotels in the city
have reopened now.

452 volunteers got together from all over Japan on Saturday at Shichigahama
volunteer center which was opened for a community center before 3.11.

We were assigned to clean up clutter on the ground of someone's property whose
house was attacked and destroyed completely by the tsunami.

As volunteer beginners, we are not sure how much we could help them within a
day but we'd like to visit the north again and report the process of
restoration through this blog.