DIY: fabric panel

Fabric panels are very easy and fun to make, and it's wonderful to use as an interior accessory to enjoy your favorite fabrics.


what you need to prepare 
-  10.5 x 13 inch (27x 33cm)  lemon camouflage fabric or your favorite fabric 
-  7.5  x 10 inch ( 18 x 25.5 cm ) wood panel from an art supply store
- masking tape  ( I used washi tape ) * masking tape is better to use than wood glue if you need to reuse the piece of fabric.

-  約27x 33cmのお好きなファブリック。ここではフラマファーの生地を使用しました。
- B5サイズの油絵用パネル(画材屋さんにて販売されています)
- マスキングテープ

 wrap the panel with the fabric and tape all around the back of the panel with the masking tape.

and flip....


If you'd like to keep the panel on the wall for a certain period of time, I recommend to use a wood glue along with the masking tape.