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Our "White Lotus" wallpaper was applied to the wall in the bathroom of the newly built house which was designed by Igawa architect's office in Ibaraki, Japan.

井川建築設計事務所によって設計された物件にfrumafar.の壁紙White Lotusを使用していただきました。

The bathroom is next to a Japanese style room, so the color of the tatami floor, pale rush green, and and the wallpaper colors are perfectly matched. Also I like the combination of the wooden washstand and the toilet seat with hi-tech functions.


"White Lotus" khaki cushion cover made by a staff of the architect's office.
I love seeing the same print printed on different materials. Hope we can introduce frumafar. original print curtains as well next time!

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こちらは同じくWhite Lotus柄のクッションカバー。布と壁紙ではやはり色味や雰囲気がだいぶ変わって面白いですね。



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